[Stoves] {briquetting} Anticipation of fuels; Another interpretation

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Dear Jeff

Weed charcoal has a great deal less ash than almost all coal. We are probably going to complain more about glass formation than ash, with biomass. 

You can hear it now, "what about all that glass pollution?!"

Re the corn v.s. Pellets,I have not seen a side by side comparison. Corn analysis tends to focus on the fact there are subsidies in the energy chain. Purchasers tend to be price influenced above all else. Richard's point about transport is well taken: if you produce and sell locally and the corn is viewed as naturally pelletized biomass instead of food, it will move based on price. 

If a variety of maize was developed that had not much food value but lots of heat, would it be classed in people's minds as a fuel crop like trees?

Even then, there will always be a pile of maize that is spoiled and tossed. 

At the moment there is not a food shortage, just an unjust world. My point is the 'food or fuel' argument is suspect. The 'what if' scenarios are a bit too unbalanced IMV. 

Back to the stack waste, it comes up now and then, often uranium gets a mention. 

Crispin on a fine morning
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Dear Crispin,

> So corn, in spite of being produced efficiently, will be more costly
> than all forms of biomass even in the heartland of waving fields of
> grain.

On the Gasification list a lister shared his power point presentation
and I caught a blurb that producing fuel corn was more efficient than
producing wood pellets. When I asked for more details he transformed
into a lurking lister.... 

>  Charcoal powder produced in large gas generating kilns would be a
> great fuel for home heating. Certainly better than coal dust which is
> very abrasive.

OK, how do I burn weed charcoal powder ? ? ?


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