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Dear Christa


There are other initiatives to make stoves based on the approach Alexis has
taken. Paul has other models that show some promise as well. 


The Mayon Turbo Stove is not perfected yet and I don't think much is being
invested in trying. It holds promise from the point that it does not require
a fan. I worked on one here (in Waterloo) earlier this year together with
two interns from REAP.  We doubled the overall efficiency but created new
problems that it got too hot. It needs additional work to keep the fuel
cool. There are of course other ways to burn the fuel with natural draft.
Maybe with the advent of cheap power from TEGs we will all make fan stoves
and not worry about natural draft any more.


The MTS has the important advantage that is can be refuelled continuously at
your convenience. It does not need to be loaded in batches.









The best rice-husk burning stoves I know of are the ones based on the
tremendous work of Alexis Belonio. Paul Olivier' s work in Vietnam has taken
rice-husk burning stoves in the household-size range to another level,
uncomparable with natural-draft stoves like the Mayon Turbo, LoTrau or
whichever. Paul has generously shared a lot of his work on this list in the
last days, so you can look more details up from the links provided there or
consult the section on rice-husk burning gasifiers, pages 43-48 of  the
manual microgasification

it contains all I found as per last year. If anybody knows of models that
are not included there, please let me know, so that they can be included in
the next update. 



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