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Dear Professor Bhattacharya,

Thank you for your message and you offer of the publications.  You and  
your associates have done great work, and having that information more  
widely distributed (or brought to the attention of more of us) would  
be highly beneficial.

Right now for Uganda, we have great interest in the
>  "... information package (including construction details) on  
> biomass briquetting machines developed in a number of Asian  
> countries..."

How could we best access that information?   Has it ever been copied  
in digial format that could be distributed?  Are there any  
distribution restrictions on any of the materials that you mentioned?

Personal opinion:  There is little and insufficient flow of  
information between the Asian activities and accomplishments and the  
rest of the world concerning all topics of biomass fuels and stoves  
and other applications.  How can we correct that situation?

Paul S. Anderson, PhD
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Quoting "Prof. S.C. Bhattacharya" <sribasb at gmail.com>:

> Dear all,
> I would be happy to share some publications arising from the following
> activities at the Asian Institute of Technology:
> 1. Sida funded Regional project: An information package (including
> construction details) on biomass briquetting machines developed in a number
> of Asian countries and design of natural- cross-draft gasifier stoves that
> can operate continuously is available. The briquetting machines developed
> were improvements on standard screw-press heated die design. Cross-flow
> gasifier stoves were designed for different sizes; these do not need any
> blower and can operate continuously without any smoke.
> 2. GTZ funded project on Biocoal: We used the term "Biocoal" (rather than
> "Biochar") for charcoal produced from solid organic residues such as
> agricultural residues and waste wood. The findings of the project were
> reported in a book titled "Biocoal Technology and Economics" by "Regional
> Energy Resources Information Center (RERIC)" (email:enreric at ait.ac.th). The
> chapters of the 495-page book were: 1. State of the art of biocoal
> technology, 2. Biocoal technology: A comparison of options and
> recommendations, 3. Carbonisation of sawdust briquettes, 4. Laboratory-scale
> batch carbonisation selected residues, 5. Cost and availability of selected
> residues in Thailand, 6. Characterisation of selected residues, 7. Biocoal:
> Market requirements and Opportunities in Thailand, and 8. Economics of
> biocoal production in Thailand.
> A few copies of the book are still available with RERIC. A number of
> chapters of the book were summarised as journal articles; I will be happy to
> share some of these with interested persons for their personal use and
> research purpose.
> S.C. Bhattacharya
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> Prof. S.C. Bhattacharya, Ph.D. (Cambridge, UK)
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