[Stoves] What Impedes Efficient Adoption of Products?

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott crispinpigott at gmail.com
Thu May 3 07:41:44 PDT 2012

Dear Friends


The paper by Levine and Cotterman (University of California, Berkeley, IRLE
working paper, March 27, 2012) has some interesting reports on the
importance of various barriers to improved stove uptake.




There is an interesting chart of uptake v.s. price and offer conditions in
Figure 3 almost at the end.


Another paper worth the read is
hana%20Stoves%20Impact%202011-04-01.doc on an improved cooking stove
assessment in Ghana in 2008.


The assessment of stove efficiency was made using a CCT but it was not the
UCB-CCT.  It is important to note that the remaining charcoal was considered
to have been ‘burned’ because it was not useful in the stoves tested. It is
worth noting that a different researcher told me recently that treating the
charcoal remaining in this way reduced the coefficient of variance in the
calculated fuel efficiency by ½. This deserves full exploration.





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