[Stoves] TLUD Gasifier Stove Camp in Kenya next week -- and other Camps in coming months

Paul Anderson psanders at ilstu.edu
Mon May 14 13:32:25 PDT 2012

Dear Stovers,

A Gasifier Stove Camp will be held from 21 through 26 May in Kakamega, 
western Kenya.    It will be highly specific about the latest 
innovations for making larger numbers of gasifier TLUD stoves for 
developing countries, especially with substantial labor (job creation) 
and minimal capital.

Basic details are at       www.drtlud.com    .

The camp is hosted by KEFRI (Kenyan Forestry Research Institute), and 
there will be significant attention to issues of fuels, including bamboo 
and wood-segments that can be placed vertically in the TLUD fuel chamber.

Other gasifier stove camps are in:    (details at    www.drtlud.com    
)  (each has different foci along with core elements important to all):

Massachusetts (USA) 6 - 10 August,
Tennessee (USA) 1 -5 September (Labor Day weekend plus 2 optional days), 
Honduras (in Spanish) 24 - 28 September

Note also that the Aprovecho stove camp in Oregon USA (unconfirmed info) 
with a focus on charcoal stoves is on 30 July to 3 August.  This allows 
stovers (including international visitors who are flying across America) 
to attend back-to-back Stove Camps with significantly different focal 

Please also note that USBI (US Biochar Initiative) is holding a four-day 
meeting (with biochar production practical sessions) on 29 July to 1 
August in Sonoma Valley California (north and inland from San Francisco).

Looking forward to seeing you at some of these future events.

Paul  /  Dr TLUD     (currently in Uganda, and heading to Kenya)

Paul S. Anderson, PhD  aka "Dr TLUD"
Email:  psanders at ilstu.edu   Skype: paultlud  Phone: +1-309-452-7072
Website:  www.drtlud.com

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