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Alex English english at kingston.net
Thu Sep 13 17:18:12 PDT 2012

Hi Crispin and Jock,
Interesting to see these new devices take shape.
I have seen prices for high percentage grass or oat pellets (mixed with 
10-20% wheat shorts) and pure oat hull pellets in the 135-150$/tonne 
range, in bulk. I think the moisture might typically be higher than wood 
pellets, or at least more variable than premium wood pellets, and of 
course 5-10 times the ash. Some of these have left significant deposits 
on boiler heat exchangers, could/should be better with pyrolysis, but I 
guess that's what beta testing is for :)


On 13/09/2012 4:28 PM, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott wrote:
> Dear Jock
> I am interested to know how the economics of the pellet stoves that 
> produce a char byproduct compare economically with natural gas. It is 
> noted in the article that the sales of pellet stoves have fallen off 
> largely because of cheaper natural gas, a situation which may change soon.
> If NG is the fuel of economic choice, I am wondering how the economics 
> look for biomass pellets (burned whole) and for biomass which does not 
> burn all the available carbon (which contains about 2/3 of the energy 
> in the pellet when loaded).
> If about ½ the carbon is remaining as char (yielding 25% char) there 
> is a 33% fuel cost penalty for the same amount of energy.
> It sounds as if you may have the numbers to go with these solutions. 
> If it looks good, then people using the char like greenhouses may find 
> the grass pellet option attractive (as is the case in Ontario at the 
> moment for switchgrass pellets).
> Thanks
> Crispin
> +++++++
> Bob et al:
> I hope you will find this of interest.  Please feel free to share.
> I look forward to hearing from you.
> Regards,
> Jock
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