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Can you clarify your intended design? I know of no way that you can turn a rocket stove into a char-making stove (but would love to hear differently). 

Ron . 

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Can you help me on how to analyse heat tranfer through a cone... Im 
designing a Biochar stove with coencentric cylinders. In essence its a 
rocket stove. I want to make the inner cylinder conic so that i can retain 
more heat in the stove.... 
The books i have read dont show me how to analyse conduction and convection 
in a cone... 
Will need a reply as soon as possible, if your able to help. 
Thank you in advance... 

On 8/10/12, Erin Rasmussen <erin at trmiles.com> wrote: 
> Hi Aron, 
> We have the TLUD Handbook is on our web site here: 
> http://stoves.bioenergylists.org/tludhandbookdraft-1 
> a shorter link directly to the handbook pdf file is 
> http://bit.ly/NhrZWX 
> Plans for the Anila stove are here: 
> http://stoves.bioenergylists.org/anila 
> I hope that helps, let me know if I can be of any assitance. 
> Kind regards, 
> Erin Rasmussen 
> TR Miles Technical Consultants Inc. http://www.trmiles.com/ 
> and BioEnergy Discussion Lists http://www.bioenergylists.org/ 
> erin at trmiles.com 
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> Subject: Need designs 
> Afternoon... 
> I'm Aron Tjihumino, a final year Bachelor of Engineering: Mechanical 
> Engineering Student at the Polytechnic of Namibia, Namibia 
> I am desgining a biochar and i need plans from where to start. 
> Can you please email me plans for Anila And Anderson TLUD biochar 
> stove, please Look forward to hearing from you soon. 
> kind regards 
> Aron Tjihumino 

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