[Stoves] FW: Need designs

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott crispinpigott at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 07:45:50 PDT 2012

Dear Andrew P

The best grates are round (or square) cast iron ones with three (or 4) feet
propping them up. In other words don't try to make a 'support' for the
grate, put legs on the grate itself and sell it separately. The stove
builder should make a space about the right size to drop it in. It is then
not mechanically attached to the body of the stove and will not crack
anything when it expands.

Please tell us more about your 'Lion cub' stove!



My experience with my Lion Cub stove is similar.  Enough coals drop into the
ash pit that I have to scoop them out once or twice while cooking, to
maintain primary air.  If I don't flood the stove with water to quench the
coals, it will stay hot for hours, after I button it up by blocking the
openings with bricks.  I tried a makeshift grate in it on Saturday and was
surprised at how much less fuel it used.

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