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Dear Kobus and All

Sawubona from Jozi. 

I was reminding myself that there is the Silver Stove from Turkey that I mentioned during a previous conversation on this channel. It is a TLUD made since 1959 for burning coal. 

It has an air controller for managing the heat. It has vertical grooves in the side walls (on the inside) to allow preheated secondary air to bypass the fuel on the inside, not the outside as most prefer to do it these days. 

If also has forced air in the sense that it has a chimney. About 85,000 of these have been sold (subsidised) in Ulaanbaatar in the past 18 months. 

This product is the oldest TLUD (which has a different name in Turkish of course) I can trace within someone's living memory. The original entrepreneur is still alive, about 89 or 90 years old. I know one of his sons. 

The correct operation of the stove means having the right range of particle size because it is a factor in the total air flow, but people burn anything they like in it. The thermal efficiency is about 70% as a heater and something over 30% as a cooker. 


PS a locally manufactured Vesto is now available in Banjul (African stove for Africa!)
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Found this publication by GTZ explaining the advantages of Low Cost Charcoal Gasifiers for Rural Energy Supply (1994) using ferrocement construction techniques: http://bit.ly/hLtDL0

The term TLUD was coined around the same time, but this unit accepts around 6 kg charcoal from what I can make out so it's not that small.  


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