[Stoves] Wood/charcoal price in Cambodia

Robdeutsch robdeutsch at online.com.kh
Fri Oct 4 19:43:06 MDT 2013

To add to the discussion on bio char, local wood charcoal cost in Phnom Penh is about $0.30 per kg, and $0.25 in the Prey Vieng village were I am now. Semi-dry fire wood is $10.00 per m3.

My interest in bio char was just renewed by recent video post and the fact I find myself part owner of a small mango start-up farm here with my partner. We want to inter-crop with papaya while the mangos are small, but our soil is mostly heavy clay, it need compost and bio-char I think. 

I learned from the vdo that bio-char is made at a higher temp then normal dirty charcoal (450-500 centigrade) 

Question for the group: would it be better to make bio-char from wood, or just reheat local charcoal to 450-500 degree?

Cheers, Robert
Prey Tasor village

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