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Good to hear from you.

Not quite sure of the nature of your problem.  Possible answers are:

1. It is essential that clean secondary air enter the system below the kettle.  In my design, the secondary air is preheated as it rises up past the pyrolysis zone in the gap between the outer shell and the reactor can.  This makes use of at least some of the significant thermal energy TLUDs lose laterally.  Using an insulated kettle, ala the Big Green Egg would most likely be an improvement, but that would add cost.  Would the gain in efficiency be worth the extra cost?

2. In my system, the heat source is moderately below the kettle and the grill in the kettle is substantially above the heat source.  This allows diffusion within the kettle.  A diffuser could be put in the kettle above the heat source but below the grill.  Perhaps on the lower grill traditionally used for the charcoal?

3. Your rocket stove may have been injecting a great deal more thermal energy into the kettle than my iCan TLUD does.  Perhaps a smaller heat engine would do the job?

I hope this helps.  



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> On Oct 7, 2013, at 11:07 AM, Steve Taylor <steve at thetaylorfamily.org.uk> wrote:
>> On 5 October 2013 19:11, Jock Gill <jg45 at icloud.com> wrote:
>> Friends,
>> I  look froward to your comments and suggestions.  This is a catalyst, not a full fledged treatise.
>> Erin very kindly posted my too large PDF here:
>> http://biochar.bioenergylists.org/pyro-grill
> Jock, I made a kind of rocket stove with a Weber style kettle on top. I found I had problems diffusing the hot gas. How does yours manage ?  
> Steve
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