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Lanny and stovers,




My “no  grate” stove does not have a bottom so as soon as the water boils I lift up the stove and cap the remaining fuel. The remaining wood and char is extinguished in 15 min. Then I weigh what is left.

>From my last test I had 116 gr of char and 152 gr of partially charred wood. Most of the wood still looks like wood and it is not torrified but I am sure it has a different moisture content.

So how does one calculate the remaining  wood with different moisture content.

My stove may be the only one that will “save wood” so it may not be practical to change the WBT 4.2.2 just for me so I could do a calculation and add it to the (equivalent dry wood consumed) cell on the spreadsheet.


[Frank >] This is a perfect example as to why we calculate the fuel used by subtracting it from the starting pile in the corner. We know the total Shields450c (I like that : )) and each time we remove some we subtract that energy from the original pile. That’s all we need to do for the energy values used. The next time you use the stove you take less from the pile if you’re using some of the left over un-charred fuel from the previous batch. After a few runs you can find the average energy used for a task. Toss out any leftover char without worry. 






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