[Stoves] Drying woodchips

Andrew C. Parker acparker at xmission.com
Tue Oct 8 14:33:11 MDT 2013

You may also want to look at grain drying techniques.  I found this FAO  

"Grain storage techniques: Evolution and trends in developing countries,  
Chapt. Chapter 5 - Drying methods."



"Expert consultation on planning the development of sundrying techniques  
in Africa, Chapt. 4.10. Improved sun-drying and solar drying: basic  
considerations and selected applications."


"Solar-Energy Drying Systems"


Aprovecho has also done some work on solar and wood-fired drying.  Their  
publication, "Capturing Heat Three: Wood Burning Heating Stoves, Farm  
Sized Dehydrator, Composting Toilets (That Work!), Solar Drying, Solar  
Desalination." may give you some ideas.  I located a copy here:


There are myriad other drying options to be found on the internet.  Maybe  
that's not such a good thing.

Good luck.  Let us know what you decide and how it works.

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