[Stoves] A Big Thank You for Voting for ACON - Winner of Solution Search "East Africa Prize" $10, 000!

Lloyd Helferty lhelferty at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 29 09:05:38 MDT 2013

   Amazing work by Mr. Salim Mayeki Shaban, President and Founder of the 
African Christians Organization Network (ACON)!

ACON was a prize winner -- *"The East Africa Prize" for $10,000.*

  Thanks to all for supporting Salim's biochar work in Kenya -- and 
ACON's solution for adapting to and mitigating climate change in Kenya!


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On 2013-10-27 5:27 PM, Rob Lavoie wrote:
> All,
> A BIG THANK YOU to all who voted for the African Christians 
> Organization Network (ACON) submission to _The Nature Conservancy 
> _and_RARE's_ "Solution Search" contest!
> ACON was a prize winner -- "The East Africa Prize" for $10,000.
> The announcement of winners is located here: 
> http://solutionsearch.org/contest/adapting-changing-climate 
> <http://solutionsearch.org/contest/adapting-changing-climate>
> These funds will be a very significant boost to ACON's program of:
>   * *Fire* -- Improved efficient clean cooking stoves for rural
>     households in Kenya. -- Reducing indoor air pollution,
>     deforestation, and saving money for Kenyan households by reducing
>     fuel purchases.
>   * *Fuel* -- Production of cooking fuel briquettes made from the
>     invasive "water hyacinth" weed that is killing Lake Victoria.
>     and
>   * *Fertilizer* -- The production of a powerful organic fertilizer
>     made from chicken litter that is enriched with the nutrient rich
>     liquid extracted from the harvested water hyacinth plants and
>     further blended with biochar from ACON's cooking stove program.
>      -- Improving farming practices, drought resistance, and  food
>     security for rural Kenyans.
> You can read more about ACON's activities on the Solution Search Site: 
> http://solutionsearch.org/contest-application-14
> Thank you for your patience to read and learn more about ACON's 
> solution for adapting to and mitigating climate change in Kenya.
> Thank you for taking time to vote (some multiple times) for ACON's 
> solution.
> The event itself was a huge benefit for ACON's ability to scale up 
> their solution going forward.
> Very Best Regards,
> Rob

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