[Stoves] Summer Stove Camp 2015 Agenda

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Dear Jed


Thanks for the pictures. I was thinking you had a ceramic stove (like pottery).  For the really cheap stoves I was referring to, there is no metal. Too expensive. There is one called an Anglo Supra and Anglo Supra Nova. They have a metal shell and clay interior. They sell for about $5.50. Usually they burn charcoal but small wood is also used.


I am looking for something that will be made from clay only. Here is the traditional clay Keren Stove.



That is the baseline product. They should also make TLUD’s, I think.






Attach are three more photos of the stove in operation. 

We had problems lighting the the fuel from the top to run it in TLUD mode during the tests and greatly discouraged the cook of the food stall in the public market. 

However, the high point of the test is upon realizing that the stove can run clean on their stocks of coco charcoal in strong and smokeless flame. 

The stove ran for one hour with six pieces of coco charcoal. 

The food stall consume one bag (about 35 kilograms of wood charcoal per day) for their four units of wood charcoal stoves. 


Joshua B. Guinto


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