[Stoves] New Technologies (inverted flame) in wood Stoves in Chile

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Dear Roberto


Thanks for the links.


For those who would like to make a stove operating on similar principles, there is a lesson from the work in Ulaanbaatar using this layout.


It is a downdraft stove, as is kind of obvious from the flame. The grate can be quite large, pretty much covering the bottom of the upper level (in some examples) and just ‘large’ in others.  The issue is that it only works really well, burning very cleanly, at a constant, high power, if the grate is large. 


When large grate versions are turned down, there is a lot of sneakage of CO from the low power flame in the upper chamber and embers through the grate and over to the chimney. 


A second issue is what happens when the fire dies completely and goes out, almost. What happens to the emissions if the chimney cools? This is always an issue for downdraft stoves. If there is a small amount of draft, it can be reversed with the opening of a door or a gust of wind across the house and not the chimney. So be careful to monitor how the heat retained in the stove drives the airflow in the final hour.


In general, the flaming area should be as small in volume as you can get away with. This reduces the PM a lot during start up, and CO at all times. A great advantage of a BLDD (bottom lit downdraft) stove is that it can be refuelled from above and it will not make a change in emissions, or only a little. Continuous monitoring of performance gives charts where it is hard or impossible to see when a refuelling was made. 


The NuovaChile model here <http://nouvachile.cl/index.html>  has a reduced grate area that forces all the gases together with the flame as they exit the centre hold downwards. The size is quite obvious from the base of the flame. This works. Making the grate large doesn’t. For a rule of thumb, you should have about 2 mm2 of grate per Watt of firepower assuming the chimney height is about 3 m.







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here is a link to a new stove created in Temuco, Chile, using the inverted flame technologie:



The stove cost USD$ 500.

Another Factory that produce stoves with the same technologie is Bosca:




This stove cost USD$ 660

Both stoves have the same technologie of the XEOOS stove from Germany, now available in Chile: 


The XEOSS stove (made in Germany) cost now USD$ 4965.

In JUN-2015 the prize will drop to USD$ 2135 (armed in Chile).

The next year the prize will drop further.


The important think is that now in Chile we have acces to this new technologie. The air pollution in many cities of Chile are now critical.

Roberto Poehlmann

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