[Stoves] VERY interesting article in LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Well-Tended Fires Outperform Modern Cooking Stoves

Paul Anderson psanders at ilstu.edu
Fri May 29 10:26:29 MDT 2015


I highly recommend everyone see this article on
> Well-Tended Fires Outperform Modern Cooking Stoves

Very well done, with references, and providing some awesome quotations for future
articles by others.

> In fact, an electric cooking stove is only half as efficient as a 
> well-tended 
> open fire, while a gas hob is only half as effective as a biomass 
> rocket stove. 
> And even though indoor air pollution is less of an issue with modern 
> cooking stoves, 
> research indicates that pollution levels in western kitchens can be 
> surprisingly high. 

> Improved biomass stoves have double or triple the thermal efficiency 
> of modern 
> electric or gas cooking stoves.

3.   Best thermal efficiency (out of 9 stove types) is 45% accomplished by Woodgas stove. (on chart).

4.  It is disappointing that the article repeats data from a 2008 report that is now superceeded, and
cites the 2012 PCIA report of data collected by Aprovecho 7 to 8 years earlier (but publication delayed).

I hope that many Stovers will read this article from Low-Tech Magazine and make comments.

I am sending a separate message (with different Subject line) about delays in finding this
article (almost one year after publication) so that the two Subjects have different threads of discussion.


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