[Stoves] Regenerative Capitalism (Jock Gill)

Samer Abdelnour samer.abdelnour at gmail.com
Sun May 31 12:39:42 MDT 2015

Dear Jock,

I found the article very stimulating. Of course, there is much that
can be examined in terms of how the global stoves 'industry' is
developing. For instance, if one examines the topics discussed at the
ETHOS meetings year in and out, there are moments when clear shifts in
what is being discussed (and who discusses) occur. As I read it, the
broad trend has shifted from concerns of design, implementation, and
marketing in context, to global markets (e.g. carbon credits,
international testing standards, advocacy).

This trajectory will have foreseeable benefits for energy-oriented
bilateral agreements, mass manufacturers of stoves, NGOs/corporations
that will tap into carbon offsets, and laboratories authorized to
certify stoves, etc. Along with this is a strong *claim* that this
global market-centric approach serves the 'poor' or the 'environment'.

I wish to stay way from simple dichotomous arguments of global/local,
top-down/bottom-up, standardized/pluralism, or laboratory/field, but
certainly the 'regenerative capitalism' approach you suggest might
demand a reconsideration of this trend towards standardization, scale,
and donor-driven markets? What alternatives might your approach

Your thoughts on this matter are appreciated!


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