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Dear All,

I dont think that would solve anything. There are 2 problems with the poor,
access to service and afford service. I dont think a poor family having lpg
stoves would meant that they will switch to use lpg for cooking unless lpg
is the cheapest or at least highly affordable compare to the income.

Vietnam has very good lpg stoves coverage, ~95% rural family that we talked
to has lpg stove using 12kg plg tank. But most of them use that 12kg for
3-6 months, some cases up to 12-18 months while city folks use same tank
for 20-30days.

That a good thing that the Indian PM do but that is not enough to solve the
root of the problem, not yet.

On Oct 2, 2015 19:21, "Paul Anderson" <psanders at ilstu.edu> wrote:

> Stovers,
> This came today from Kirk Smith's [stove] listserv, and is of interest to
> all Stovers.
> Is this a Market Systems Approach?   What can be done on a similar note
> for biomass stoves?
> Paul
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> Today is Gandhi's Birthday, a national holiday in India.  See below how
> the Prime Minister is spending his day appropriately -- officially giving
> 5000 below-poverty-line families new LPG connections in Jharkhand, one of
> the poorest states of India (and gaining political credit by doing so).
> The subsidies going with these connections were given up by middle-class
> households and transferred to the BPL families as part of the ambitions
> "GIve it Up" campaign underway since April  So far, well more than 3
> million households have given up their subsidies, amounting to something
> like a 200 million USD shift of resources from the rich* to the poor.   The
> BPL families are given a stove and their first cylinder from Social
> Responsibility funds by the major oil companies in the country.  The
> expectation is that 10 million households worth of subsidy will shift
> before long -- rising at 30,000 a day I was told yesterday.
> This is a sea change in the landscape of clean fuel access and a great
> opportunity for creative research designs to evaluate the health and other
> benefits and to follow stacking and other behavior changes.
> More soon, but happy Gandhiji's birthday/k
> * Actually, I was told that very few of the truly rich have given up their
> subsidies -- it is mostly the middle class.  Sounds familiar -- it is the
> rich who have the highest expectations of public subsidy in my country too.
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