[Stoves] TLUD pellets stove with a venturi burner.

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Wed Oct 7 21:43:45 MDT 2015


Nice work!!!!   Kevin Adair is doing some venturi additions also.


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On 10/7/2015 5:09 PM, kgharris wrote:
> Roberto,
> Nice.  I would like to see test results for particulates.  It should 
> be very clean.  It looks like it is loosely based on Crispins flame 
> tube design with holes added in the tube where the Venturi low 
> pressure area is.  The holes are at the bottom of the burner, so there 
> is better draft and a good burning area above.  If I understand 
> correctly Crispin is using the tube differently, to concentrate the 
> heat and increase the dwell time for the flame in that hot 
> environment.  His secondary air is all added before the flame tube.  
> Your design looks more compact and perhaps would be a better choice 
> for a TLUD.
> There is a limit to how much gas the burner can handle.  When the foil 
> is removed and more primary air is added the burner is overloaded with 
> gas and a tall diffusion flame forms.  I have been trying to handle 
> this problem by adding more mixing capability, and have had some 
> improvment, but further work is needed.  The problem with the mixing 
> tubes I am using is that along the edges of the combustor, the air 
> exiting the tubes exits at an angle instead of straight out.  This 
> holds the gasses below the burner along the edges, and adds to 
> blowing them to the center, overloading the center of the mixer and 
> wasting air at the edges of the combustor.  This would not be a 
> problem with your design.  You might be able to use two or three of 
> theses mixers side by side to gain a clean higher fire power.
> The concentrator ring is intended to mix the wood gas and air, and the 
> Venturi mixer is intended to mix the wood gas and the air, so you have 
> a duplicate mixing system.  I am not saying good or bad, just 
> something I notice.
> I see Julian has expressed some doubts about the Venturi concept.  
> Good for him.  I would be very happy if someone with adiquate 
> equipment and technical ability proved or disproved the TLUD Venturi 
> concept, either way.  I perhaps will have to bite the bullet and buy a 
> manometer with the ability to measure down to .001 inch of water 
> column.  My rather primative home made manometer did show a slight 
> pressure drop at the mixer, but not enough to get any 
> measurments.  Our local college science department didn't seem to be 
> interested.
> Attached are some photos of the primary control valve I am currently 
> using very successfully. It looks like something similar might work 
> for you.
> Good work Roberto,
> Kirk
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>     Hi,
>     This is a video of one of my prototypes of a TLUD pellet stove.
>     The difference with a "normal" TLUD burner, is that it has a 3
>     inch tube with secondary air holes after the concentrator ring.
>     On top of the the tube, i put a cone to expand the path of the
>     gases, to shorten the flame, and to have a little internal chimney
>     for draft.
>     One advantage of this burner, is that you can also burn all of the
>     charcoal made at the pyrolysis stage, with a nice secondary blue
>     flame (if you wish) .
>     https://youtu.be/uXMeGcZEYX0
>     Greetings
>     Roberto Poehlmann
>     Valdivia, Chile.
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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