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Paul Anderson psanders at ilstu.edu
Sun Oct 11 08:26:52 MDT 2015

To ALL with stoves or char-making interests:

After many months in the making, a major document is released today 
about the /_Origins, History, and Future of TLUD Micro-gasification and 
Cookstove Development_/. At 18 pages length (this version 1.2 is text 
only), it is sure to contain some information that you do not know; at 
least I learned new things while writing it.

The document is organized in seven time periods.   Be sure to check the 
periods in which you have been active about cookstoves because you might 
be named in the document.   And be sure to see the final sections that 
deal with future visions for 2015 to 2020, and my own shift in emphasis.

I truly thank everyone who has participated in these first thirty years 
(1985 - 2015) of TLUD history.   And I welcome everyone to participate 
during the future years, which look very promising indeed!!!  For 
starters, we can expect that TLUD and other micro-gasification will be 
in full swing at the November GACC Forum in Ghana (to which I am headed 
today via South Africa and Uganda for 3 weeks).

Abstract / Executive Summary
Two major cookstove entities, ESMAP and the GACC, wrote in their May 
2015 technical report: “*The most exciting technology trend in the 
biomass cookstove sector is the growing range of forced draft and 
natural draft gasifier stoves.*” These words refer to TLUD stoves and 
related micro-gasification technology that originated in 1985. Their 
origin, history and future development are covered in seven time 
periods, each with progress that builds upon prior efforts:
Pre-1985: Before modern TLUD micro-gasification – Processes observed, 
but not developed.
1985 ~ 1993: Inception – Reed, Wendelbo, LaFontaine and Hottenroth.
1994 ~ 2000: Early exposure to others – Miles, Larson, English, early 
Internet, conference in India.
2001 ~ 2006: Additional exposures and incremental progress – Anderson, 
BP-Oorja, ETHOS.
2007 ~ 2010: Slowly moving toward acceptance – Wendelbo, Belonio, Stove 
Camps, PCIA.
2010 ~ 2015: Enlightenment – BEIA Project, GACC, Roth, Winter, Harris, 
char-making for biochar.
2015 ~ 2020: Onward for dissemination and acceptance by users – Toward 
30 million TLUD stoves.
Conclusion (Author’s Comment) – Change of focus onto user acceptance and 
carbon into soils.

The web address of the resource page at drtlud.com for downloading the 
latest version of the history document (PDF file):


The web address of the latest HTML version of the history document:

http://www.drtlud.com/tlud-history (the HTML copy is not yet finished, 
so this link currently redirects to the PDF file download page).  The 
HTML copy and matching .pdf document with images/photos will be Version 
1.3 and will replace the earlier version at this same website address. 
Release is expected by the end of this week.


Doc  /  Dr TLUD  /  Prof. Paul S. Anderson, PhD
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Website:  www.drtlud.com

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