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Dear Chikere,

You will need a combustion chamber where you can put in oven dried biomass where combustion is consistent and repeatable per based on emission reading taken from a set-up like sold at Aprovecho.  
You will need small pipes going into the combustion chamber just below the secondary where you can add gasses and monitor the effects of these gases from reading of the emissions. 
You will need a tank of compressed CO.
You will need a kiln where long and capped iron pipes are added. The top cap fitted with a tube going out of the kiln.
You will need compressed air.
You will need tea pot with steam directed out of a tube

Once you fire up the stove and, after several runs, you have a baseline on the emissions you then start adding through the stainless tube entering just below the secondary the following:

A) CO from the tank
B) Pyrolysis gases from the biomass in the pipes as the kiln heats to 450 deg. C.
C) Air from the compressed air tank
D) Steam from a boiling water pot

What you want to find out is the range of conditions your combustion chamber will take before the emissions are out of range.
Then, perhaps, what design change can be made per 1) fuel and/or 2) physical dimensions for the combustion chamber to be more Robust in accepting greater variation of the four (CO, pyrolysis gases, moisture and primary air) and still be clean burning.

A lot of variables to organize and control but it seems that is what you are good at. 


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>> Good day House,
>> I am running a Masters programme in Thermofluids and Power Plant
>> option at Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria.
>> I am also working on improving and reducing the production cost of a
>> wood stove (AUTOCAD design attached) but confined to Combustion
>> analysis and fuels used.
>> What areas can I work on in terms of fuels and combustion analysis?
>> Contributions are highly welcome.
>> Thank you

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