[Stoves] Request for proposals: Medical Waste Incinerator for Humanitarian Emergencies from Innocentive

Stephen Joseph joey.stephen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 17:46:29 MDT 2015

Dian Desa in Joygakarta make great clinical waste gasifiers.  I did the original design work and as far as I know that have sold over 100 units.

Stephen Joseph

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On 7 Sep 2015, at 6:14 am, Andrew Heggie <aj.heggie at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 6 September 2015 at 20:42, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott
> <crispinpigott at outlook.com> wrote:
>> Dear Andrew
>> People who visit clinics are sick and get injections. Dealing with the
>> needles is a big issue in a rural where they usually burn in a pit next to
>> the clinic and then bury what remains. Children end up with the rusty
>> needles.
> Which is my point: the proposal is asking for something better than
> just burning but does it need to turn the metal to ashes? Here in UK
> scissors, forceps etc are incinerated becuase replacement is cheaper
> than cleaning and autoclaving.
>> It is not difficult to burn a needle, but necessary. Keeping kids out of
>> garbage is hard. I suppose you can go for two levels of processing: burn
>> everything wet and heat everything metal as stage one, then turn everything
>> to ash or little flakes of rust as the second standard.
> There is the possibility of running the grate at moderate temperature
> to kill off any pathogens and then oxidising remaining metal objects
> in a hotter part of the fire on firebrick. The grate can then
> withstand having stuff dumped on it and the smaller amount of residual
> metal then removed from the ash for incineration in the hotter stage.
> The thing about an incinerator or crematorium is that  there is no
> downstream need for the heat so a bit of heat recycling enables
> evaporation of water, the steam from which is then reheated to the
> higher temperature required by the specification, which we still
> haven't had confirmed.
>> It turned out the cleaner polished the floors on Fridays. They unplugged the
>> medical life support equipment from the only plug near the door. Then they
>> polished the floor, simultaneously polishing off the patient. When done,
>> they plugged the equipment back in and left. That's a true story.
> and so sad.
> With all the news of refugees escaping war torn regions to end up
> drowning  trying to reach Europe I am so grateful to be privileged and
> lucky to live in a reasonable democracy.
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