[Stoves] Pellet stoves - risks

Frank Shields franke at cruzio.com
Mon Sep 7 11:35:42 MDT 2015

So i wonder Frans if that is due to the size of the fuel being too large or the added resins from the type of biomass?


Frank Shields
franke at cruzio.com

> On Sep 6, 2015, at 5:05 PM, Frans Peeters <peetersfrans at telenet.be> wrote:
> Dear Frank and all,
>    I got the PUF  with pine biomas
> But it ONLY happens if the fuel adding is too large !
> REAL TLUD is badge and no adding on top but theoretical UNDER the FIRE .
> So use 5 more  NEW  TLUDS and refill the cold again .
> An automatic pellets stove drops ONLY 5 pelets a second! And never pufs .
> No 5Kg at once  !. so you get PUFS like a BULL STEAMING along its ears .
> Frans
> Dear Andrew
> Can we realistically run a pelleter at 280 C input and save energy? The
> output is already charring the material. Perhaps that is torrefaction on the
> fly, so to speak. If so, the MJ/kg should rise with processing. 
> The pellets are have in Java are 8% moisture (Albasia). IF it gets really
> hot and was bagged, it should be zero.
> Crispin
> Frank on the large scale I doubt it is a problem because as you heat wood up
> through 100C and drying and then on to the evolution of some VOCs to this
> 280 C torrefaction range you are always in an endothermic reaction, let it
> slide above 330C and it becomes mildly exothermic, so with a bit of feed
> back it should be possible to stay around280C with no thermal runaway. By
> thistemperature presumably lignin is quite plastic so pelleting power should
> be lower.I'm not sure what chemical changes are taking place but I'm
> assuming some hydroxyl groups  are being lost, making the material less able
> to attract water i.e changing from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, so unlike
> sawdust pellets torrefied pellets should store better without attracting
> moisture and disintegrating. What are they like when dropped in a glass of
> water for an hour or two?
> With large scale it will also be easy to incinerate the low cv offgas given
> off bythe process.
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