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Dear Crispin

I use stainless steel rods 8mm with gaps of 8mm. This allows the pilinut
shells to fall off after it has fully carbonized. Will adopt the idea of
the tilted grate 20 degrees.

Also Im struggling with TEGs. Its an amazing project and still cannot get
it started. I suppose  it would be very easy to simply embedd the TEGs into
the clay wall and poke the wiring out to a fan or a charger. Could you
please tell me more. about this..

News on the side.... im contemplating about joining a humanitarian mission
next week. There are close to 3,000 refugees that fled from a conflict
zone. The place is Tandag in the province of Surigao del Sur. Their tribal
leaders and their teacher were executed by a paramilitary group who was
organized by the Philippine Army.. the  evacuees are in a sports complex.
My friends are going for a feeding mission. am raising some funds for my
plane fare. also thinking about bringing my stove and have it tested
there... .. to cook, to make bio char.. to use the biochar for sanitation..
to make compost,.... to teach people on approtech....



*Joshua B. Guinto*Specialist, Appropriate Technology
MSc Management of AgroEcological Knowledge and Social Change (MAKS)
Wageningen University, The Netherlands 2006 to 2008
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Ford Foundation

2015-09-09 17:54 GMT-07:00 Crispin Pemberton-Pigott <
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> Dear Jeb
> With that layout and refuelling you will able to offer something that can
> be run indefinitely. Very good.
> The way we handled the ‎coke and ash was to tilt the grate downwards
> toward the fire. In the set of drawings on my website (Library/Stoves/GTZ7)
> the grate is not tilted enough. It should be about 20 degrees at least. The
> far end is upturned a little to catch the coke/char and not let it pile up
> against the far wall.
> The TLUD fire is built on top of the grate perhaps 250 mm high.    The
> final version has a 50 watt 12 volt TEG on the heat exchanger with two
> computer fans cooling it. The idea is it can run a TV and lights.
> ‎I found in experiments at YDD that the grate for wood should have quite
> small gaps - 4 to 5mm. It really reduces the char loss in the ash. For
> reasons which are not clear, round bars accomplish this better than flat
> upper surfaces. Still thinking about that.
> Regards
> Crispin
> Dear Crispin
> I just realized now reading from your remarks... that what im doing is a
> cross draft gasifier. Thanks for bringing that up.
> The material from YDD will surely help. My crossdraft feeding of fuel on
> the side port comes in contact with the hot charcoal bed. The fresh fuel
> either comes on the side, or on the top of the hot char bed. But wood
> sticks can be poked under the hot char bed and they give better results.
> Im writing a narrative of the details of the anatomy of the stove as Dr.
> Paul requested. Will post it as soon as i was able to get the size of the
> document down to less than 1.5 MB.
> Regards
> Jed
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