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Roberto Poehlmann roberto.poehlmann at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 15:10:45 MDT 2015

Hi Paul,

i remind you that in Vietnam, Alexis Belonio and Tran Binh , have
developed a cookstove that use torrefied pellets:


Here in Chile, Universities are executing investigations to develop a
new plant to make pellets with torrified biomass. One of the main
declared benefits, is the increase of the bulk volumetric energy
density, to decrease the cost of transport per unit of energy.

That means that with the same volume for a TLUD cookstove, i think you
can have more time to cook with torrified biomass pellets than with
wood pellets.

I found a 2 good documents about Torrefaction and Pelletization:



I will try to get some torrified pellets to do some experiments in my
TLUD stove.


>* The cool gases passing through the char zone and making it past the
*>* secondary are the gases Dean is talking about that with research might
*>* be removed from the fuel before using via torrification. This would be
*>* a very interesting research project.

"I disagree.   The gases removed by torrification are what the TLUD needs
to burn to give the cooking flame..."


Roberto Poehlmann
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