[Stoves] Question regarding calculations

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The thermal capacity of water is not a constant. At 1 atmosphere pressure a
good correlation is 



which, of course, you have to integrate over the delta T to get the
effective value. 


The thermal capacity is less sensitive to pressure over the range you are
concerned about - the change to 1500m altitude will affect the 3rd decimal
place in value calculated at constant pressure.


Hope that helps



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Greetings Stovers, 


Wanting to know if it takes less energy to keep water boiling at 80 deg. C
at 1500 meters than at sea level?


Also; It take 4.186 j/g/deg.C to raise water from 20c to 80c at sea level.
But is it the same at 1500 meters? or is it less than 4.186?


Thanks for any understanding help




Frank Shields






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