[Stoves] converting solid biomass into liquid or gaseous fuel

Anand Karve adkarve at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 22:44:12 MDT 2016

using gaseous or liquid fuel in a stove gives higher efficiency and also
less harmful emissions. Most of the gaseous and liquid fuels, that are
currently available, are under some government control or other. Solid
biomass, especially in the form of agricultural waste, belongs to farmers
and at least in India there are no government restrictions on its use.
Simple processes are available for converting the biomass into liquid or
gaseous fuels. What we need are cottage-scale, decentralized units
producing such fuels from agricultural  waste.
Dr. A.D. Karve

Chairman, Samuchit Enviro Tech Pvt Ltd (www.samuchit.com)

Trustee & Founder President, Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI)
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