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Paul Anderson psanders at ilstu.edu
Thu Jun 16 09:08:02 MDT 2016

Dear Prof. Nurhuda,

So much depends on the quality of the stove with fan.   Some such as 
Biolite and Ace (Philips) are NOT TLUD stoves, and they have high prices 
that are not fully revealed because of subsidies.

TLUD stoves with fans are less common after the manufacture in India of 
the Reed Woodgas Campstove went its own way.  Those units are not 
available in the USA any longer (as far as I know).   Silverfire 
(Oregon, USA) has a unit (or more) with fan.

Best reference is Roth, second edition, 2014, Micro-gasification 
(available several places including at Drtlud.com).

Please tell us more about what stoves with fans can be purchased in 
Indonesia.   And please do keep us informed about your own stove 
availability and characteristics.


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On 6/13/2016 9:08 AM, Muhammad Nurhuda wrote:
> Dear Stovers,
> Just simple question, how much is normally the out of factory price of 
> a fan cook stove?
> We see many fan cookstoves are sold at grocery price beyond US$50/unit.
> What are the most influencing factors determining the price of stoves?
> Thank a lot in advance for the answers.
> Kind regards
> M. Nurhuda
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