[Stoves] Why is it still so difficult to design cookstoves for 3 billion people?

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On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 11:38 PM, Xavier Brandao <xvr.brandao at gmail.com>

> Dear Anand,
> That means we will be soon out of business!
> Which would be great news, if about 1.2 billion Indians were soon having
> 100% clean cooking.
> Indeed, India is a country where, when the political will is there,
> mountains can be moved, and change happens very rapidly, even to the
> poorest. We follow attentively the quick progress of LPG and induction
> stoves.
> But what we see when we go to the villages, even in a comparatively rich
> and developed state such as Tamil Nadu, where LPG and electricity is
> spread, is that people are still massively using wood for cooking. Often,
> they have gas connection, but their bottle is empty, and even with a
> subsidized gas, they prefer to cook with (free, collected) wood, than to do
> a gas refill. And they do most of the cooking with wood.
> Don't you think also that the amount of energy required for induction
> cooking would put a great toll on the already strained supply of
> electricity in India? Load sheds are still too often.
> It is possible that wood cooking still has a few decades of life
> expectancy.
> I think in the coming decades, clean biomass cookstoves will still be part
> of the energy mix. But we need to be ready to evolve, to adapt. Master the
> clean combustion of wood products is something that could be adapted to
> other markets than only the household markets, may the need not exist
> anymore for households.
> Best regards,
> Xavier
> On 6/15/16 11:30 PM, stoves-request at lists.bioenergylists.org wrote:
> As far as India is concerned, our government is planning to give
> electricity to all households in the next 5 years. Induction stoves are
> being used even in villages, where electricity has become available. The
> programme of giving LPG to poor householders has also already been started.
> Availability of electricity and LPG, and the rapid pace of urbanization
> would soon spell the end of biomass based cooking.
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