[Stoves] Collaboration for Development Updates, June 23 - June 30

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Collaboration for Development Updates for June 23 - June 30

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Latest Activity from the people, places, and content you are following
 *  [https://collaboration.worldbank.org]

   new activity by 		Xuege Lu [https://collaboration.worldbank.org/people/cathytao89]

 * Social News:

   new activity by 		Xuege Lu [https://collaboration.worldbank.org/people/cathytao89]

Your Content
    It's easy to start participating in the community. Log in at https://collaboration.worldbank.org and get started.

Tips and tricks - Connect with People
Keep up with your colleagues. You can follow anyone in Collaboration for Development to see what they are doing as they do it. Just go to their profile and click "Follow [name]" on the right side of the page. Then select the stream where you want to follow them. The Connections stream is a good place to keep up with your same-level colleagues, people you're generally interested in, or groups you belong to. Or, use "Add Stream" to make a custom group containing any people, places, and/or content you want to follow. 
 Now that you're following people, you can click on the stream they're in to see their activity. Or, click the People tab and then click "Following." Here you can see the latest activity by all the people you're following, label people to organize them, opt in to receive an email every time a connection posts content, or send an email to your connections. (To see who's following you, click "Followers.")

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