[Stoves] Understanding TLUDs, MPF and more. (was Re: Bangladesh TLUD )

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott crispinpigott at outlook.com
Wed Dec 13 01:22:06 MST 2017

Dear Paul

I not only provided the example from a chemical balance point of view for the auto-catalysis case, I provided the example of auto-pyrolysis.

What is the point I ‘glided past’?

>You conveniently glide past the fact that what we are really interested in on this Stoves Listserv IS about stoves that are of small scale.

>What you provide below is quite idealized, in perfect condition, shown in theory and a chemical formula.

I provided both the theoretical conditions and the practical conditions encountered on the scale at which small stoves operate.

>Maybe that way it might be confirmed by a chemist as being true, but it certainly is of minimal relevance to solving the cookstove problems of impoverished people.

It is true and it is part of the understanding of what is going on.

>The term "splitting hairs" comes to mind.

Lighten up. If you want to discuss the foundations of the process you are promoting it is correct to know what happens and when.

>I looked at what you wrote, but I certainly did not seriously study it.  You comments might be rignt, but your comments are of minimal or no relevance.

You are free to ignore all of it. I have tried as comprehensively as possible to support the statement that biomass can auto-pyrolyse without the addition of air, and that this phenomenon can be demonstrated using a thermogravimetric analyser – charts provided – showing the temperature at which it takes place.

The reactions are exothermic, and provide enough heat to continue the pyrolysis indefinitely without air until the fuel is all reacted. The result is char plus pyrolysis gases.

It is possible to build a device that will do this from tin cans.  I think it is unhelpful to keep shooting the messenger.


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