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David Whitfield david en cedesol.org
Jue Abr 15 18:05:32 CDT 2010

Dear friends,
The Bolivian government is hosting an international summit on climate
change.  Details and a link for further information follow so if you´ve time
please read below for the details.

As many of you know Ruth and I have been involved in reducing poverty and
the negative impact on the environment caused by dirty, polluting,
traditional cooking practices in developing countries for over a decade.  We
are in position right now to bring before the eyes of many activist and some
decision makers, the blessing of ecological cookers (solar cookers, thermal
cookers and efficient biomass stoves).

CEDESOL has been arduously preparing for this event and finally we can
announce that we have been assigned a 2 hour slot within the program.  Our
event is called ¨Empowering Communities with Tools Proven to Combat Global
Climate Change and Poverty -
Additionally we will have solar cookers and efficient wood stoves featured
in exhibitions on the conference grounds and in the city.  We want as many
people as possible to be able to return to their countries with the
knowledge of things they can employ and organizations they can partner with
inorder to effect positive change in their home regions.

If you are able to help us financially, we will be able to be more
effective.  So far we have personally assumed most of the costs, lights,
rent, printing, banners etc.  Some of our volunteers have contributed and
some other organizations have provided funds so that we can print materials
for them and display them.  A contribution to our organization can be made
through PayPal using the link at the end of this email.

Thank you for remembering us in your prayers and for your well wishes.

 Countdown to the climate summit: Let´s reduce black carbon emissions right

Thousands of grass root organisations, politicians, intellectuals,
scientists and individuals will debate about climate change next week in
Cochabamba, Bolivia. CEDESOL´s message in The World People´s Conference on
Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth highlights black carbon
emissions and the practical solutions that are available to tackle them.

”The world can do something immediately, without treaties or round-table
discussions, massive employment of ecological cookers can reduce the
advancement of global warming now”, says CEDESOL´s director *David Whitfield

[image: Carbon neutral cooking.]Black carbon contributes approximately
twenty percent of the global warming. It warms the planet by absorbing heat
in the atmosphere and when it lands on snow, ice caps and glaciers it
absorbs the sun's heat, reduces reflectivity and causes widespread and
faster melting and sea level rise.

Whereas CO2 has an atmospheric lifetime of more than 100 years, black carbon
stays in the atmosphere for only a few days. This means that reducing black
carbon emissions can be an effective rapid response to slow global warming.

Black carbon emissions result mainly from four sources - diesel engines,
residential solid fuel use, open forest and savanna burning and industrial
processes. Technologies such as solar cookers and efficient biomass stoves
can either completely do away with or severely restrict the residential
black carbon. We can immediately slow global warming - with existing, cheap
and effective technology.

More information about the conference: http://pwccc.wordpress.com/
Learn more about black carbon:

David and Ruth
"We make a living by what we get... we make a life by what we give." -
unknown author

David Whitfield V.
Executive Director
CEDESOL Foundation
Alternative Education, Renewable Energy, Social Equality
SKYPE - solar1bol
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