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Vie Nov 17 10:23:00 CST 2017

 Gracias por su correo
me gustaría saber mas de las cocinas a gas de madera  (woodgas) la versión más económica para su aplicación en las zonas pobres del Perú
GraciasAnaximandro Kaqui
    On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 1:03:35 PM GMT-5, Paul Anderson <psanders en ilstu.edu> wrote:  

I want to make sure that you receive the message (below) because it
relates to our interests, and the topic will
be discussed during the GACC Forum.   I realize that you are quite busy
right now, but I hope that you will
at least read the 5 "declarations" that are excerpted below for easy access.

Looking forward to seeing some of you in Delhi.



Stovers, Charists, and all,

I have prepared a "Declaration of Clean Cooking with Woodgas" for
everyone's consideration.   A copy of the version as of today's date
2017-10-19 is attached, or you can get it at
https://woodgas.com/declaration/ where any revisions will be
available.    Therefore, there is still time for your comments to be

This is now available several days before the start of the
2017 GACC Forum in Delhi, which I will be attending and will hear some
feedback about this "Woodgas Declaration."

The bulk of the page has the justification statements:   "Whereas
......."  (10 of them.)   And based on the truth of those statements,
then comes the declarations:

"now, therefore be it
DECLARED ...... that:
1. there are no "clean fuels" per se, but they can be “clean” (by
definitions that are subject to discussion) only when properly combusted
in appropriate, specialized combustion devices (burners and stoves), and
fuels by themselves are neither clean nor dirty;

2. woodgas is a clean fuel when appropriate micro-gasifiers with
designated solid fuels are used by adequately-experienced cookstove users;

3. woodgas has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of households
to provide cleaner cooking while using smaller quantities of their
current, locally-available fuel supplies, and all with sustainable
financing, reduced expenditures, and even potential net profit;

4. leaders, authorities and all parties interested in clean cookstoves
should recognize in words, writings, actions and financial support that
solid biomass can become a very clean-burning fuel for cooking in
woodgas stoves for millions of households; and

5. the expression “Woodgas is a Clean Fuel” is more than a motto, and it
should be a guiding principle for prompt actions to assist at least one
billion of the most underserved people on Earth, this being a most
worthy goal that also has realistic prospects for being accomplished
with honorable expedience. "

Please participate in the discussions.   I start my trip to India early
on Saturday, so please discuss without expecting me to make replies


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