[Gasification] The only serious danger . . .

Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
Sun Nov 7 10:25:21 CST 2010

g=AFQjCNFevtllE4nXKfZ9v5aahBfJ74ISbg&cad=rja> Frédéric Back's animation of
'The Man Who Planted trees," a story by Jean Giono about a man who created a
forest in a remote area of France, I came across the passage:  


"The only serious danger to the work occurred during the war of 1939. As
cars were being run on gazogenes (wood-burning generators), there was never
enough wood. Cutting was started among the oaks of 1910. . ."


What was the impact of a million gasogenes on the forest of Europe during
the war? Has anyone seen any estimates?








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