[Gasification] tests to design a new cheap gasifier fan

Les Freeman woodsman47203 at yahoo.com
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I have 480 volt 3 phase in my mills and I use Hitachi  VFD's to increase the 
speed of the fans. I have driven some of them as 300 hz , at which they saturate 
and stop rotation . At 120hz I am getting 7200 rpms out the fans. Hatichi builds 
fractional hp VFD's that can be run on 220 volt single phase and the VFD 
converts single phase to 3 phase. That feature is quite handy and they are easy 
to set up.
Les Freeman

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>True, if you need psi of pressure boost not inches of water.  I will try to add 
>numbers to this post later today.  
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>anyone tryed using the rotor out of a turbocharger to make a fan  > for a 
>gasifier. I have taken the compressor end apart and made an  > adapter to mount 
>on a C face motors, usually 3600 rpm, for a high  > volume vac system to move 
>solids. Les Freeman    ..you would need to gear up that turbocharger fan so it 
>can   do turbocharger speeds, they easily exceed e.g. 136000rpm,  for common 
>automotive sizes.    --   ..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt... 
>;o)  ...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...    Scenarios 
>always come in sets of three:     best case, worst case, and just in case.    
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