[Gasification] Reinventing wheels, and fans!

Bob Stuart bobstuart at sasktel.net
Sat Nov 13 18:01:48 CST 2010

When we used to make plexiglas-softening ovens, we'd just detach a  
motor from a squirrel-cage blower, and re-assemble it with a sheet of  
asbestos in between.  For higher temperatures, it should be pretty  
easy to use a short shaft extension or coupling made of insulating  
material.  Many motors have small internal fans, and there is usually  
room to add one when an alternate air flow has been cut off.

Bob Stuart

On 13-Nov-10, at 4:03 PM, Mark Ludlow wrote:

> Hi Ken,
> Of all of the expendable vacuum cleaner motors, I found the Kirby  
> to be the
> longest-lived. They are cast aluminum and the shunt-wound motor  
> allows them
> to really rip! In theory, I think that this application would  
> require an
> X-Proof rating (Class 2 Group F, maybe) since there's generally no  
> way of
> ensuring that enough O2 to allow combustion could absolutely be  
> avoided. But
> then things really get messy!
> Mark

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