[Gasification] Dec 10 Deadline -Opportunity for Biochar Projects in Developing Countries

Kelpie Wilson kelpiew at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 19:54:36 CST 2010

Important Opportunity for Biochar Projects in Developing Countries –
December 10th Deadline

Are you involved in a small to medium scale biochar project working with
small farmers or small businesses in a low- to middle- income developing

If so, IBI and Cornell University request your assistance in a study
commissioned by the World Bank to assess biochar systems in developing
countries. The results of the study will identify promising biochar systems
in developing countries and also help direct potential funding for biochar

There are two parts to the study: a general survey of biochar projects in
developing countries and a more detailed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of 3 to
4 biochar systems as case studies for assessing the greenhouse gas
mitigation and economic potential of different types of biochar systems.

To participate in the study, please fill out this short
requested information that will give us an overview of the scope of
your project. Because this study is on a fast track, we respectfully request
that you respond by December 10, 2010. We realize that this is a very short
amount of time, so we welcome your response even if you do not have answers
to all of the questions we ask. We will send out a follow up survey at a
later time to capture any new information you may have.

If you are also willing to participate in a detailed LCA of your project,
please indicate this in the appropriate place on the form. We must hear from
you by December 10th if you are interested in participating in the LCA
portion of the study.

Thank you for considering this request to participate in the World Bank
biochar study. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact
IBI Communications Editor, Kelpie Wilson – kelpie at biochar-international.org

Here is the link again to the survey form:

Kelpie Wilson
IBI Communications Editor
kelpie at biochar-international.org
541-592-3083 (home office)
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