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 Greetings Billy, and list members.

 In most designs of "homemade" downdraft gasifiers, IMO the feedstock can
only push moisture content to the area of about 15%, however, if an "air
dryer" is used in the tuyere air, 18% is attainable.

 Why I say the above, is that on the opposite side of things, having too
little moisture will cause an excess clinkering due to the gasifier running
"too hot".

 In your case a simple water injector system could be used to temper the
overall reaction temperature, AND it kept at the high-end of reaction, could
also employ the water/gas shift just above the reduction zone. this would
have to be carefully managed, but could be done.

 Most gasifiers suffer from a massive excess's of moisture, my personal
observations are that 4-9% is ideal for most feedstocks total moisture (air
and feedstock combined).

 hope this helps.

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