[Gasification] tests to design a new cheap gasifier fan

Robert Kana sinan at biomassindo.com
Sun Oct 3 22:17:29 CDT 2010

  Dear Mark,
Hand cranked unit is for smaller gasifiers ( updraft design, fired from 
top just to make rice husk bio-char, instead of farmers  burning them in 
out the field) gas gets out very fast, less than 2 minutes. Than they 
keep cranking until the rice husk gas finished. We kept the ash 
collection area closed, they do 2-3 burnings before they clean out the 
ash box. They put water on hot charcoal- bio-char and remove. This unit 
is very inexpensive and built to use on field.
For your systems, you already have a battery on the pallet, I think 
someone mentioned a heat blower before, it should work fine as long as 
we blow in to the gasifier. Suction at start is always hard ( For us). 
Ones the gas is clean, the engine do the rest. Ones the engine take over 
the suction, there is no problem. One think to consider, for surges of 
power, we put extra filters, the gas in the filter housings is enough to 
cover the 5-10 seconds surges.
My 3" blower is 370 W (8.5 m3/min) , 2" is less than 100W. They both are 
sufficient enough to blow start the gasification until the gas is clean 
than engine takes over. Small blowers we buy cheap enough, the larger 
ones we built, up to 28.3 m3/min (400 KW Cat engine combustion air inlet 
flow). If any one needs this info, I can send detailed pictures since 
these big blowers- suction units cost serious money.
Biomass Indonesia

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