[Gasification] tests to design a new cheap gasifier fan

Robert Kana sinan at biomassindo.com
Sun Oct 3 23:49:42 CDT 2010

  Dear Mark,
Thanks, we need that. That is the air intake flow running on diesel, 
since we mix syngas 1:1 with air, we need to built suction blower half 
size (actually we built  a larger unit).  When the engine starts 
running, we disengage the blower, there is no need anymore, engine does 
it by itself.
> Dear Robert,
> I wish you the best! Thanks for your engaging comments. Ordinarily, what
> manifold vacuum does the Cat operate at when pulling through your gasifier?
> Or do I understand you to mean that that 28m3/min (1000CFM) fan stays in the
> system to feed the Cat?
> Best, Mark

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