[Gasification] tests to design a new cheap gasifier fan

Robert Kana sinan at biomassindo.com
Mon Oct 4 05:57:07 CDT 2010

> robert, i agree this is much easier to solve in blown mode.  problem
> is most of our small gasifiers do not achieve (nor attempt to have)
> absolutely perfect gaskets and other seals throughout the system.
> leaks are common, thus the vac mode is attractive to not have gas
> leaks.*  I agree with you, we had so much leak also, we used hot temp asbes seal and RTV red silicone on top, slightly greased the top cover and installed. after we fired the gasifier*  *it made a perfect seal. Since we make tests and don't have feeding systems we need to open and close so many times, not a problem so far. Also did the same for ash cover.*
> also, lighting usually requires some type of opening, into which flame
> is pulled.  this is usually hard with blown mode into the air intake.
> of lighting methods are of course possible.*You light on top side with like J tube, we have an openning on the side, all we need a piece of paper to light a little, than plug the hole( My lighting whole is 2") ones we start blower we get the gas in max 2 minutes.*
> so to date i haven't found the push mode very reasonable given all the
> other factors.  yes, it is easier, but the other problems are harder
> to solve, or at least introduce potential for failures that are not
> attractive.  or at least that has been the summary for me.*They should sell stove seal, use that instead asbes seal and top it with red sil. it will work, you will have a very tight gasifier for blow start. one problem might occur, your hopper on the top will get some moisture from the gasifier,until the engine starts suction, but later they will feed down and dry anyway.*
> i'm curious how you have resolved this balance of factors in the other
> direction.*I built gasifier inside cylinder 46 cm diam. My reactor area 26 cm, have 8 nozzels (Should have 7 or 9) with 16 mm opennings. So far working out OK. I put the reactor from bottom, than grate. If we want to try updraft, I take the reactor and nozelles out and try different types of gasification. I still don't know how, but sometimes we get very clean gas, sometimes not. But always get burning gas. I did not use J tubes to heat the incoming air, just empty space. My design is a mix of many great peoples ideas and some of my own, for heating purposes it will work very good. Extrimely easy to start and get burning gas fast. I am still learning. Thanks for all the info you posted on your site, that is what I used to size up my gasifier. I only want to built 50 Kwe and up.*  *Be well, Robert*

> j
> On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 9:49 PM, Robert Kana<sinan at biomassindo.com>  wrote:
>>   Dear Mark,
>> Thanks, we need that. That is the air intake flow running on diesel, since
>> we mix syngas 1:1 with air, we need to built suction blower half size
>> (actually we built  a larger unit).  When the engine starts running, we
>> disengage the blower, there is no need anymore, engine does it by itself.
>> Regards,
>> Robert
>>> Dear Robert,
>>> I wish you the best! Thanks for your engaging comments. Ordinarily, what
>>> manifold vacuum does the Cat operate at when pulling through your
>>> gasifier?
>>> Or do I understand you to mean that that 28m3/min (1000CFM) fan stays in
>>> the
>>> system to feed the Cat?
>>> Best, Mark
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