[Gasification] wood gas lister spark conversion progress update

jim mason jim at allpowerlabs.org
Mon Oct 4 06:05:13 CDT 2010

we're continuing the lister wood gas spark conversion project at the
apl gasification workshop this coming weekend in berkeley california.
info on the workshop is here:

ken boak has now posted in the wiki an extremely complete
documentation of the electronics he's built for this round of the
spark conversion.  they are very impressive.

added to this are the drawings and pictures of the fancy COV plug
machined for the spark plug that marcus hardwick has built.  equally
impressive.  the COV plug is the plug in the side of the head in the
lister.  we're doing the spark plug here now so the engine can be
permanently set up for either diesel or wood gas.  the injector will
stay in place this time.

see the details of both here:
 there is also a video at the link of the previous running.

on other less technical fronts, i've now removed the lister from its
previous resonance mounting pad that was causing bad shaking at
620rpm.  it is now just on its c channel skid frame, which we'll bolt
to the cement.  everything was reasonably stored this time and all is
in good order.  it appears ready to go.  we'll fire it early this

now if we could only get ken and mike o to actually come back out west
for the event . . .


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