[Gasification] lister 6/1 spark conversion fires again on wood gas

Rolf Uhle energiesnaturals at gmx.de
Fri Oct 15 04:49:38 CDT 2010

Hi Jim and other Gek os,

the rig looks great!
Tell me, this directly coupled MeccAlte alternator, is it 2 pole or 4 pole ?
If 4 pole, how many kW did that engine achieve at 1500/1800 rpm ?
Is it this PP you are bringing to Germany next week ?
Looking foreward to see it ( and you)


Am Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010 10:55:10 schrieb jim mason:
> After some technical drama with a cut trace on the ignition control board,
> the Lister finally came to life on Tuesday eve.  Ron Ohler, Mike LaRosa and
> Jay did the honors, but Ken Boak, Marcus Hardwick, Michael Shiloh and Peef
> did much of the preparation that made it possible.   Pictures from the
> first run are in the workshop gallery here:
> http://www.gekgasifier.com/gallery/browseimages.php?do=browseimages&c=44&pa
> This time the spark plug it in the COV valve on the side of the head, not
> replacing the injector like the last round.  This time the diesel injection
> system was left intact so we can switch back and forth easily between the
> two.
> For the first run, we fired it on diesel then switched over to woodgas
> while running. It was surprisingly easy to switch over, much easier than
> with a carburetor on gasoline, as you could get a sharp switch off of the
> diesel via the shut down lever. No usual fuel wandering back and forth as
> the carb runs out of fuel.
> The timing was fussed with quite a bit. We ended up with it about 45deg
> advanced, and it still didn't seem fully enough. One problem we found with
> the coil over plug arrangement is you can't get a timing light on the spark
> plug wire, as there isn't one. The inductive clamp won't work over the plug
> boot.
> We had the kill-a-watts hooked up on each of two legs and topped out at
> 2.9kw. That was pushing the absolute max. 2.5kw was easy to maintain. This
> was at about 600rpm. A little below the standard 650rpm. Shaky shake
> started above 600rpm.
> The compression is the 13.3:1 of last time. The injector is leaking a bit
> too. We'll likely get a bit more power once we return to 17:1 and get the
> injector better sealed.
> All in all, i'm happy how much power it made, and how smooth it ran. It
> seemed to run about the same as it did with the spark plug in the injector
> hole. The biggest difference was in the timing adjust. so given the lack of
> good control on that last time, it is difficult to compare properly between
> the two modes. But it was clear that it works just fine in the COV valve,
> and this is good news, as this is a better place to put it.
> The ability to start on diesel then switch over with a hard "fuel off"
> switch was very nice.
> Thank you ken, marcus, ron, mike and the others that made it go. another
> very impressive effort by all of you.
> jim

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