[Gasification] Poultry Litter/Swine Waste Fuel

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> >  Hi Michael (And List).
> >
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> >  Michael, the problems in doing "waste" (as in excrement) is, that
> > one must look at what is going into the animal, to predict what is
> > coming out, and hence into your gasifier.
> >
> >  I'll ask this, is there ANY chance that fats or carcass's end up
> > in the waste ? if so, there are nasty things called
> > "dioxins" (There are many types, BUT  quite a few are REALLY
> > nasty) that if found in the gasifiers final output to the
> > atmosphere, would have you instantly shut down, by most
> > regulatory boards, or the EPA.

..as luck has it, thermochemical gasification, properly done,
will "eat" those dioxins etc in the interface between the 
combustion zone and the reduction zone in the charcoal bed.

..now, given the previous historical incineration dioxin disasters, 
expect (and budget) to prove it both in theory and in practice.

..chk the recent discussion these last 2 weeks here on "dioxin
formation", starts from my comment on that in: ...
...then from digest-posters (same thread, but broken up by bad mail
client software, a mail list can only guess how to handle these):

..I understand Mike, Tom M. and Erin will move these to new list server:

> >  Yes, there are company's that are doing this kind of thing, (one
> > very near me) but the hoops one must jump through, you might also
> > consider gasification of animal culls and sicks, as well as
> > deaths, as a supplementary supporting method for the startup cost
> > of using waste, as a fuel.
> >
> > If memory serves me correct they, (the plant near me) had a
> > startup cost in the area of 12 million, and that is for 200KwT in
> > a 48 up, 48 down, batch process.

..this sounds like somebody not knowing their way around gasification.

> >  Very hard to justify.
> >
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> Dear Michael,
> Converting the waste (dung or excrement) to the biogas is a better
> alternative.

..Jai here speaks of biological gasification, which also 
works ;o), it's easier to get approved and harder to get 
the right germs working right, that again depend on what 
kinda people you have engineering this plant, and kinda 
staff you can get to run your plant for you.

> Jai

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