[Gasification] Fluidyne Update Photos.

doug.williams Doug.Williams at orcon.net.nz
Tue Dec 6 19:16:42 CST 2011

Hi Pete,

You ask:

 >You mentioned that some of the wood chips had lots of fines.  Do you preprocess them to eliminate those fines?

At this time no, because we are testing how these types of chips behave in packed beds. It's all about surface area of the fuel changing the speed of gas making within your chosen rage of gas outputs. The rule of thumb still applies, finer fuels mean smaller gas outputs and or gasifier size.

>Are the trees debarked before chipping? 

The tree tops we use are not debarked, but after drying in a log dump, much of the bark falls off as handled. Bark in itself, is not a problem in a gasifier, but mud and dirt in the bark, certainly can make for slag or clinker problems.  

> Just getting started,

You might just be ready in five years (:-)

Doug Williams,
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