[Gasification] Fluidyne Update Photos.

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I'm preparing to gasify sewage sludge in another location today but I'll
post the numbers. The gas flame is very steady and manageable. We can easily
control O2 from about 3% to 8%. NOx and CO are less than 100 ppm. 




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Doug ,Tom,

Although the dazzling blue flame is but the revealing  icing on your linear
gasifier cake. I have a question about it. Did InstrumenTom measure its
exhaust? Numbers?

"With all gas going to the flare stack, this flow of 147 scft/min made an
impressive flare roughly 2m high. In this mode, considerable information is
obtained from the flare, especially the presence of carbon blacks, or tars,
which contaminate the feathery ends of the outer edges."

When I see changes in the feathery ends of the outer edges, I'm inclined to
think that it is from the formation of compounds formed within an oxygen
starved portion of the flame.
If black carbons or tars where carried over from the gasifier might you not
see them glowing  lower down in the flame as well?
Can you make the flare flame tips change colour by pushing it rich?

Thanks for posting the report.



Hi Gasification Colleagues,


The new photo file for the latest update on our Californian Development
Project, is now available to see on the Fluidyne Archive


Hope you can all access the file, and please let me know if you have

Doug Williams,

Fluidyne Gasification.

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