[Gasification] gasifier type updarft use rice husk

Jeff Davis jeff0124 at velocity.net
Sat Dec 17 20:18:00 CST 2011

Dear Tom,

On Sat, 2011-12-17 at 09:43 -0500, Thomas Reed wrote:
>  including an open PYROMID, and any junk biomass, we all have easy
> access to as much charcoal as we could ever need, for the first time
> in history.

This summer I tried numerous switchgrass bale PYROMID's with no
practical charcoal production but it did make some impressive and scary
fires. Personally I would be reluctant to promote this just because of
the danger of starting forest fires and what not. 

> So we really have no excuse for cleaning up TLUD gas if we wish to.  

As long as we don't place the tar laden charcoal in the soil but use it
as a fuel. In other words clean charcoal added into the soil is much
better that adding charcoal that was used to filter toxic waste. 

> Compare to natural gas at 1000 Btu/ scf. 

Locally the troops have landed and marcellus shale gas is under
production. It's been stated that this type of well will last for 30 to
50 years and beneath that even more gas. Already, locally, the price of
natural gas has dropped.

Best regards,


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