[Gasification] gasifier type updarft use rice husk

Jeff Davis jeff0124 at velocity.net
Sun Dec 18 20:40:01 CST 2011

Hi Mark,

On Sat, 2011-12-17 at 19:25 -0800, Mark Ludlow wrote:
> Maybe a little is good; and a lot is bad. But despite the evidence
> that many of the polyaromatic hydrocarbons remaining in the char
> produced for biochar applications is carcinogenic, some certifying
> bodies have declared it "Organic" and suitable for unrestricted use in
> agricultural applications.

I didn't know that it was declared safe to store/filter industrial waste
in charcoal and then add it to the soil. Maybe woodgas toxins are not
considered industrial waste or nasty stuff trapped in charcoal can not
escape. Interesting.

Happy holidays,


P.S. I'll pass on the condensate Christmas Cheers!

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