[Gasification] gasifier type updarft use rice husk

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Dear Charles
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> Another side to wood gas.. you smell like a camp fire.. that or burnt 
> sausage depending on the situation when you open the hopper and let the 
> ghost out.
> I was at a meeting several years ago and this nice looking lady came up 
> and said " My you smell good. " Now guy's that don't happen to me.. well 
> not often at least.
> Seems she loved campfires and I assume I sort of carried the odor. ( got 
> to admit I mostly carry some sort of odor.. often of shellfish )
> Thus all this wood gas deal may have benefits we have not thought about?
> Question?

# Yes... do you still have the recipe for the wood smoke, that worked so 
well for you several years ago? ;-)

> Anyone driving on wood gas during winter?

# It is very interesting that when gasoline prices in  US are about $US 3.87 
per US Gal, this equates to about $1.00 per litre. Gasoline here in Nova 
Scotia is about $1.25 per litre. There seems to be relatively little 
interest inwood gas for vehicles here, even though the cost of gasoline is 
about 25% greater than in the US.

> Presently meeting 100% of heat with wood gasification.

# Very interesting!! I wonder if there is anyone else using wood gas for 
heating, in Canada or the US?

> Good chance for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday 
> depending on your perspective.

# Thanks very much! I do hope to be able to drop in and see you on my way 
back home after Christmas!

Best wishes,


> Charles
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